fatinha maravilha

„Maravilha“ (engl. wonderful) is located in Fortaleza. A city with 3 million inhabitants in the northeastern Brazil. „Maravilha“ has the same story as many slums in Brazil, were unemployment, hunger, crime and poverty are commonplace. The emergence of the neighborhood began in the 1960s by a spontaneous and slow-moving float of people who settled and built their barracks of wood, cardboard and clay.

2005 HABITAFOR (Foundation for the Development of the living space) starts the urbanization of the favela. It was done in three steps, in wich 342 families were resettled. 397 families moved 2009 in newly built residential blocks.

Infrastructure and the public life since than has improved. Sanitary facilities and sewage systems were built. But what about the residents? Has their life changed? High unemployment and crime is still available. 10,2% of the inhabitants are illiterate. Only 3% of the residents are over 65 years old. 55% earn less than the minimum wage in the country of about 209 Euros.

I was able to accompany Fatinha who works in a local „children over lunchtime supervision“. The result is a intimate documentation of her everyday life.