Jericoacoara is located in the northeast of brazil. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the country. The small village is located in a national park were no paved roads exist. The best way to move, provides the back of a horse. Almost any luggage and goods are transported by horse-drawn carts.

The horse owner offer rides to nearby lagoons and dunes or horse riding at sunset on the beach. During the day the horse owners recruit tourists at the beach. Their base is an old tree directly on the beach, where horses and riders rest in the shadows. All horse owners organize themselves in a union that exists for 8 years. The union is organized by its President. There is a common stable where the horses are washed during the day and housed overnight.

Jericoacoara is known as hippie-village and stands for a casual and relaxed way of life. Almost all riders are a natives in Jericoacoara. Their houses are located just behind the many hostels, bars and restaurants. Dailylife is quiet and down to earth. The flair, which accounts Jericoacoara finds its origin here. Also, if the life of the riders seems simple, they carry a lot of pride in their eyes. For them, it is according to life in paradise.